Starting a Virtual Call Center

Before I get started sharing tips and tricks I have decided to create a start-up guide.

I realize that there are many people who aren’t sure how to get started.

This short step by step guide is intended for those who have neither experience nor money.

This guide can be completed in only a few hours.

I did this intentionally because I would like to have all my readers on the same page.

After following and completing this guide you will have a profitable call center.

Once everyone is situated and making money, we can better discuss tips and tricks.

Which, of course, is the whole point.

So then, please bear with me if you are already profitable.

Starting a Home Based Virtual Call Center

In order to start a call center from scratch without investing any of your own money you must know two things:

1.) What does a VCC require to operate?

2.) Where can I find these services for free?

I will be answering both of these questions in this guide.

I will be as brief and concise as reasonable possible.

Follow the numbered steps.

By the end of the guide you will be set up.

Phone Services

Obviously every call center needs phone service.

VCC’s benefit from services that offer a lot of flexible options.

You will need the ability to turn calls on and off.

You will also want a Custom Greeting and a Voice Mail Box.

You will need a new number that you can insert in ads.

Google Voice meets the requirements very well.

First off, they are entirely free.

You can make and receive calls domestically with no expense.

They give us the option of selecting a new number.

We can then send those calls to where ever we need them.

Additionally, they transcribe voice mail messages to text or email.

Step One: Create a gmail account so that you can use Google Voice Services.

Even if you already have a gmail, it is probably a good idea to create a new one.

This gives you a devoted ’email identity’ that you can attach to your VCC.

It will also be useful for marketing and advertising.

Gmail Sign Up Page

Step Two: Set Up and Configure Google Voice

If you are not familiar with Google Voice then checkout there features.

They have a demo set up here:

Google Voice Features

After you are familiar with them you should get the service configured.

You will be choosing a new number so be prepared to pick one.

You can get started here:

Google Voice Sign Up Page

Payment Services

We need a flexible way to handle the money we generate.

We also need the option of transferring funds to a card or bank account.

This will allow us to get paid as quickly as possible.

Additionally, we need something that’s free to setup.

Paypal is the obvious solution.

Step Three: Set Up and Configure a Paypal Account

If you already have a Paypal you could simply add the new email to it.

If not, you can set one up right now.

Paypal Sign Up Page

Affiliate Partnership

Next we need to find someone to pay us.

Free Treasure Chest works well as a first affiliate.

They transfer commission directly to Paypal.

They are free to join if you take an offer.

Step Four: Set Up and Configure a Free Treasure Chest Account

We will use the link they provide to generate money from our callers.

Here is their website:

Free Treasure Chest Sign Up Page

Advertising and Marketing

Next we need some free advertising to generate calls.

The options here are nearly limitless.

There are two great paths that we can take with our affiliate.

The direct path is to advertise the trials that they offer.

Since they have several excellent affiliations this is very easy.

All we do is provide some generals details and attach our phone number.

When we receive a call, we first get personal details from the caller.

Such as name, address, email, etc.

Then we send our link over to the caller’s email.

Now they can try whatever offer they like.

We get paid no matter which one’s they choose.

Be sure to keep track of caller’s information.

You will want to have it organized for use in future promotions.

The other route, is to promote their commissions.

Many people have made sizable incomes going this route.

Instead of promoting the offers you promote the work from home opportunity.

Well paying work from home jobs are in huge demand in this economy.

This is very easy to do since we are already using them as our affiliate.

It will be easy to answer caller’s questions and advise them because of your personal experience.

Promoting as a work from home job guarantees excellent call volume.

It also allows you to advertise in employment classifieds.

So then, choose your option and start promoting.

Step Five: Run Your Ads

Runs some good ads in all the free classifieds.

Here are a few suggestions:



Classified Ads

Wanted Wants

Ad Post

Free Classifieds are great for starting out.

Once you start making money, invest in some paid ads.

They will help you really take off.

Step Six: Get to Work

Make sure to take some time to test out your phone service.

Be sure to get familiar with all the new tools.

Also be sure to clean and organize your work space.

After placing ads you should start receiving calls pretty quickly.

Don’t forget to setup your voice mail box so that missed calls have a place to go.

Here’s the job flow:

1.) Place Ads

2.) Answer Calls

3.) Send Out Your Link

Very easy, and pretty profitable too.

So then, this is the end of  the Start Up Guide.

If you have additional questions feel free to Contact Me.

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